Getting It All Done Without The Overwhelm

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Blog, mindset

People often ask me how I get it all done. To be honest, sometimes I used to surprise myself. It’s not a really surprise anymore though because I have a system in place for how I make decisions and how I execute on those decisions. Now don’t get me wrong, it took a minute to get there. I tried planner after planner, app after app, and book after book. I kept buying more tools and online programs to help me “figure it all out”…

Truth be told, I was all over the place trying to be all things to everybody. Be all things at work, at home, in my community and in my church. I was saying yes way too much, and I literally thought I could do it all. Now I can handle a lot, but even I knew I had crossed the line.

Something had to give…I had to give…

I had to give up the stuff that wasn’t important or relevant for what I wanted in my life. Before I could do that though, I had to know what that was.

See sometimes we experience overwhelm not because we have too much to do, but because we have no idea what to do.

For example, we’re in jobs that we don’t love, and we can’t see ourselves sitting on yet another plane each week for the next 30 years, but it pays well and we’re not sure what we would do otherwise; so we stay tucked away in our first class seat.

Lack of clarity can create more overwhelm than a long to do list any day.

Okay, Dr. Cori, you got me, now what? What steps do I take? I need help now…

Help is on the way! My upcoming Live Masterclass is my framework for relieving the pressure and overwhelm you might be feeling at work and at home. On January 15th, I’ll walk you through the entire framework.  You will learn my exact strategy for how I get shit done and how to live more aligned with what you want for your life.

And without the overwhelm.

I want you to join me live on January 15, 2018 at 8 PM CT. You can register right here.

We’ll dive into my framework, you can ask me questions and we’ll have a virtual girls night! So head on over here and register…

Can’t wait to see you there!

Talk soon,

Dr. Cori

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