Dr. Cori explains mammogram alternatives

Are Mammograms Still The Gold Standard?

We are kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a chat about mammograms. If you are a woman over 40, you more than likely plan to have a mammogram every year. And if you’re reading this thinking my doctor hasn’t mentioned an annual mammogram to me and I’m over 40, don’t be alarmed, but definitely […]

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Hi! Dr. Cori here.  I'm so excited you decided to join me on the blog.  I love to write posts that inspire you to be more intentional about your health, mindset, and lifestyle.  I'll also help you master what you need to know about supplementation, inflammation, blood sugar, and gut health all while still enjoying your life and not wasting your time being preoccupied with what you can and can't eat.  No more sacrificing your health, time for true health and happiness.

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The not so great truth about agave

I was recently having a conversation or actually inserted myself into a conversation while having my nails done at the spa about agave. One woman made the comment that she didn’t use agave because it’s so bad for you, and the person doing her nails agreed, saying, “oh no, agave is so bad for you”. Here is where I inserted myself into the conversation…

Is Agave ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ For You and Why Should I Listen To You?


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3 Simple Tricks for Creating New Habits

Habits are a powerful thing. But if you know like I do, creating habits can be incredibly hard and sometimes they even feel impossible. Habits, however, are the reason why you aren’t losing weight, why you constantly feel like your schedule is out of control, why you can’t seem to get ahead financially, and why you aren’t doing the work that you love.

3 Simple Ways to Commit To New Habits


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Dr Cori Yoga

Yoga is so much more than poses on a mat. In fact, did you know that yoga can literally change your health? Anywhere from reducing anxiety, to lowering blood pressure, to balancing hormones, to alleviating pain from fibromyalgia, to lowering blood sugar in people with diabetes. The list goes on and on. This week, let’s focus our attention on the benefits yoga has on diabetes.

Diabetes and Yoga: Simple Poses for Balancing Blood Sugar


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Dr. Cori, health consultant for career women, talks love and marriage

Hello December! Since December is my wedding anniversary month, I thought I would start the month by talking about love. This year my husband and I will have been married 7 years and together for many years long before that. While marriage, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful expressions of love, the other being motherhood, it is not without difficulty. I think we get so caught up in the fairytale of love sometimes, we forget that it takes work to make love work.

Love Is As Love Does: How To Take Action In Your Marriage


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Dr. Cori's online group coaching program helps you create daily healthy habits to help working moms thrive

This may sound kind of weird, but sometimes I wish I had a job that had a set schedule. Before you clutch your pearls, let me explain a bit. When you work a set schedule you have to be somewhere at a certain time and you leave at a certain time. You might even have to eat lunch at a certain time (now that might get on my nerves, it seems weird to be told when to eat…). Now full disclosure, I haven’t had a job with a set schedule since my residency and even then I always worked past my set hours, but having a set schedule can create discipline and increase productivity. Because I don’t often work set hours due to my travel schedule, work can bleed into more hours than what’s necessary.

Create A Daily Schedule for Well-Being


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International Day of Yoga Dr. Cori Fear or Faith

Happy International Day of Yoga! It also happens to be Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! Last week I taught my first yoga class! I was so worried about the class, but I survived and I’m officially a RYT-200. As excited as I am about yoga, I almost didn’t teach….

Choose Fear or Faith?


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Dr Cori shares 5 questions to ask yourself when making difficult decisions

“Your most powerful tool is your own example”. – John Wooden

Have you ever wanted something that didn’t seem “practical”? I say that in quotes because honestly, how do you define “practical”? It probably depends on who you ask, so the only definition of “practical” that matters is yours…But sometimes being “practical”, can actually sound a little crazy….

When Is Practical Crazy? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself


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dr. cori explains the effects of stress on your digestive system

I feel like people say all the time to avoid stress because it can affect your health. It’s interesting though if you ask them how, you don’t always get a clear response. And the truth is, your health is affected by stress in multiple ways. I want to share with you a specific system of your body that is affected by stress that I find to be most common among working moms. Now remember, this is not the only way stress affects your health, but it is a concrete way that you might be able to identify with and then use this information to improve your health. First of all, what is stress?

How Does Stress Affect Your Health And What To Do About It


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You don’t have to do it all. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t be doing it all. But as busy, corporate moms we think can handle it. After all, we’re handling million dollar accounts so surely we can still be the powerhouse at work, and a rockstar mom, doting wife, and committed volunteer all while looking fabulous doing it. We pride ourselves on this kinda stuff right?  “Look at me, look at how busy I am”. Somehow we equate busyness with importance or status; the busier we are, the more important or the higher the status. We use our email inbox to justify our value, but it’s really a holding place for all the things we want to respond to, but don’t actually have the time to respond to.

What Your Email Inbox Says About You…


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