Choose Fear or Faith?

by | Jun 21, 2018

Happy International Day of Yoga! It also happens to be Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! Last week I taught my first yoga class! I was so worried about the class, but I survived and I’m officially a RYT-200. As excited as I am about yoga, I almost didn’t teach….

This week was a busy week for me and I struggled with some recent decisions I made as a result. For several weeks I had been confident in my decision, but one busy week and the doubt and fear set in. Isn’t it funny how we can take months or even years to make a decision, but one bad day or week can totally throw us off track and leave us questioning the decisions we’ve already made. Life happens…And in the midst of life happening, you will still have to show up for what you want. Whatever you want is possible, it may not easy, but it is possible. If we let the craziness of our daily routine dictate what we are willing to go for in life, we will not only never have what we want, but if you’re a mom, you will also be teaching your children to settle. We have to start giving ourselves the same advice we give to our kids.

We have to stop choosing fear and live by faith.

During this difficult week, I actually thought back to my yoga class. I thought about how despite being nervous, I showed up and taught a good class. I thought about how I couldn’t let down the people I had committed to show up for. When you have to make a difficult choice, think of the people impacted, not yourself.

If you have something to share with the world and you don’t share it, who are you helping?

Just like last week, this week I had to make a choice.

Last week I had to decide if I would let fear keep me from being a yoga teacher. Just because you complete a yoga training doesn’t mean you are a registered yoga teacher. Many people complete the training, but never actually teach a class. You can’t be registered without teaching. Now I’m sure there are many reasons people don’t teach, but I can assure you one of them is the fear of teaching.

Fear will keep us from pursuing our dreams, showing up for what we believe in, sharing our failures, and even from talking to people we care about.

Last week I chose faith instead of fear. Today I choose faith instead of fear. What about you? Do you have a choice to make? What will you choose, fear or faith?

Take a look at my latest Weekly Wine Chat for five questions to ponder when making difficult decisions. Let me know in the comments if you are choosing fear or faith!


Dr. Cori International Day of Yoga Fear of Faith?

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