Dr. Cori explains mammogram alternatives

Are Mammograms Still The Gold Standard?

We are kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a chat about mammograms. If you are a woman over 40, you more than likely plan to have a mammogram every year. And if you’re reading this thinking my doctor hasn’t mentioned an annual mammogram to me and I’m over 40, don’t be alarmed, but definitely […]

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Hi! Dr. Cori here.  I'm so excited you decided to join me on the blog.  I love to write posts that inspire you to be more intentional about your health, mindset, and lifestyle.  I'll also help you master what you need to know about supplementation, inflammation, blood sugar, and gut health all while still enjoying your life and not wasting your time being preoccupied with what you can and can't eat.  No more sacrificing your health, time for true health and happiness.

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3 Simple Tricks for Creating New Habits

Habits are a powerful thing. But if you know like I do, creating habits can be incredibly hard and sometimes they even feel impossible. Habits, however, are the reason why you aren’t losing weight, why you constantly feel like your schedule is out of control, why you can’t seem to get ahead financially, and why you aren’t doing the work that you love.

3 Simple Ways to Commit To New Habits


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Get more hours in your day with Dr. Cori

Moms are always talking about how busy they are, “not enough hours in the day”. No time to cook dinner, so let me pick something up on the way home. No time for exercise because I go to work early and get home late. No time for myself because I have to work, go to the grocery store, do homework with the kids, and cook dinner. There are just not enough hours in the day.

There’s Just Not Enough Hours In The Day


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Wellness Wednesday

People often ask me how I get it all done. To be honest, sometimes I used to surprise myself. It’s not a really surprise anymore though because I have a system in place for how I make decisions and how I execute on those decisions. Now don’t get me wrong, it took a minute to get there. I tried planner after planner, app after app, and book after book. I kept buying more tools and online programs to help me “figure it all out”…

Getting It All Done Without The Overwhelm


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Make room for amazing with Dr. Cori and go from overwhelmed working mom to a life you love with the freedom to choose how you spend your time.

Happy New Year!  Are you ready for your best year?  Seriously, if you do the work, you can make room for an amazing 2018.  And speaking of work, let’s wrap up the work we started in our blog series last month. In the first post of the series, we talked about how we say yes too often which leads to overwhelm.  In the second post of the series we assessed what we have said yes to across the main categories of our lives and eliminated those tasks that weren’t part of our most important categories.

Make Room For Amazing


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Dr. Cori share the one word that instantly relieves stress

It’s part 2 in my latest blog series! If you missed Part 1, check that out first. Before we dive into how to instantly relieve stress with just one word, let’s recap what you were supposed to do last week. Last week you were to pay attention to how you felt when you were asked to do something. We were looking for a pattern, remember? Did you notice your hesitation when you said yes to teaching the youth at your church on Sunday? Did any request cause you to feel overwhelm this week?

How To Instantly Relieve Stress With Just One Word


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