Dr. Cori explains mammogram alternatives

Are Mammograms Still The Gold Standard?

We are kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a chat about mammograms. If you are a woman over 40, you more than likely plan to have a mammogram every year. And if you’re reading this thinking my doctor hasn’t mentioned an annual mammogram to me and I’m over 40, don’t be alarmed, but definitely […]

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Hi! Dr. Cori here.  I'm so excited you decided to join me on the blog.  I love to write posts that inspire you to be more intentional about your health, mindset, and lifestyle.  I'll also help you master what you need to know about supplementation, inflammation, blood sugar, and gut health all while still enjoying your life and not wasting your time being preoccupied with what you can and can't eat.  No more sacrificing your health, time for true health and happiness.

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Suddenly everyone is an expert.

In a few weeks of self-isolation, I have seen people who think they have a platform talk about health in a way that they have no experience or training to do.

It’s Time For Real Talk…


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You’ve heard Dr. Cori talk about this before, but where you get your information is extremely important. Be aware of how people share information with you and if you feel that something you hear or see or read applies to you, consult your health care provider. Information shared online is meant to create awareness and encourage you to take charge of your own health with the support of a health care team when appropriate. Be wary of general statements that make claims without supportive follow-up.

Don’t Believe The Hype!

Wellness Wednesday

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Bringing Home TNS Masterclass Part 1

I just got back from The Nutritious Life Studio (TNS) Masterclass in New York City this past weekend. And I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing experience it was. I learned so much from some pretty amazing people and I am bursting at the seams to tell you all about it. But first, I’m sure you’re wondering, what the heck is The Nutritious Life Studio (TNS) Masterclass?

Bringing TNS Masterclass Home


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