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The Journey Should Feel Like The Destination

Have you ever heard that saying, “The journey should feel like the destination.”?  It’s this idea that the steps you take along the way to your goals should feel create the same feelings as achieving the goal itself.  Because it’s a "feeling "we’re chasing, not so...

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5 Secrets For Getting Back-to-Work After Baby

There’s nothing more overwhelming than having to go back to work with a newborn who is only 3 months. This little person has been attached to you literally for these last few weeks and now you have to leave them with someone else? And likely a total stranger at that....

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There’s Just Not Enough Hours In The Day

Moms are always talking about how busy they are, "not enough hours in the day". No time to cook dinner, so let me pick something up on the way home. No time for exercise because I go to work early and get home late. No time for myself because I have to work, go to the...

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Getting It All Done Without The Overwhelm

People often ask me how I get it all done. To be honest, sometimes I used to surprise myself. It’s not a really surprise anymore though because I have a system in place for how I make decisions and how I execute on those decisions. Now don’t get me wrong, it took a...

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Make Room For Amazing

Happy New Year!  Are you ready for your best year?  Seriously, if you do the work, you can make room for an amazing 2018.  And speaking of work, let’s wrap up the work we started in our blog series last month. In the first post of the series, we talked...

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How To Instantly Relieve Stress With Just One Word

It’s part 2 in my latest blog series! If you missed Part 1, you can check that out here. Before we dive into how to instantly relieve stress with just one word, let’s recap what you were supposed to do last week. Last week you were to pay attention to how...

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I Put Out Too Many Chairs

I have a confession to make.  I put out too many chairs. And I’m willing to bet you have too.   Do you often feel overwhelmed or anxious about your to do list, wondering when you will have time to yourself?  If you are saying hell yes right now, you have put out too...

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