Dr. Cori explains mammogram alternatives

Are Mammograms Still The Gold Standard?

We are kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a chat about mammograms. If you are a woman over 40, you more than likely plan to have a mammogram every year. And if you’re reading this thinking my doctor hasn’t mentioned an annual mammogram to me and I’m over 40, don’t be alarmed, but definitely […]

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Hi! Dr. Cori here.  I'm so excited you decided to join me on the blog.  I love to write posts that inspire you to be more intentional about your health, mindset, and lifestyle.  I'll also help you master what you need to know about supplementation, inflammation, blood sugar, and gut health all while still enjoying your life and not wasting your time being preoccupied with what you can and can't eat.  No more sacrificing your health, time for true health and happiness.

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All I knew about sickle cell disease from my days in clinical practice was that sickle cell was painful and predominantly impacted the Black community.  And based on the demographic of the hospital and clinics I worked in, most providers treated patients as just drug-seeking for pain medications.  Little did I know at the time, […]

Supplements and Sickle Cell

Wellness Wednesday

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Dr. Cori explains the 5 supplements you should take to prevent leaky gut

While poor gut health has existed for an eternity, people just weren’t talking about it. Now it seems to be all the rage. In fact, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said all diseases originate in the gut. If that is true why aren’t more providers targeting the gut as part of chronic disease management? Likely because it’s easier to treat a symptom than it is to correct the underlying problem.

5 Supplements You Need To Prevent Leaky Gut


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Dr. Cori, Integrative Nutrition Health Consultant for women, shares what people aren't saying about spinach and what you need to know

There’s a new study talking about using spinach as a dietary supplement to cut hunger and increase fullness. When I first saw the headline, “could spinach help with weight loss”, I thought um, yes, duh, and why the heck is that news.

The deal is they discovered a spinach-derived supplement called Appethyl that they suggest is responsible for increasing satiety, or helping you feel full longer, and reducing cravings for salt.

The Stuff People Don’t Tell You About Spinach


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