Dr. Cori Talks Food Additives

Top 5 Food Additives You Should Avoid But Are Likely Eating

When making healthy lifestyle changes, most people only consider what foods they should and shouldn’t be eating…

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Hi! Dr. Cori here.  I'm so excited you decided to join me on the blog.  I love to write posts that inspire you to be more intentional about your health, mindset, and lifestyle.  I'll also help you master what you need to know about blood sugar, inflammation, and gut health, B.I.G., all while still enjoying your life and not wasting your time being preoccupied with the food you eat.  No more sacrificing your health to have the life you want!  

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Make room for amazing with Dr. Cori and go from overwhelmed working mom to a life you love with the freedom to choose how you spend your time.

Happy New Year!  Are you ready for your best year?  Seriously, if you do the work, you can make room for an amazing 2018.  And speaking of work, let’s wrap up the work we started in our blog series last month. In the first post of the series, we talked about how we say yes too often which leads to overwhelm.  In the second post of the series we assessed what we have said yes to across the main categories of our lives and eliminated those tasks that weren’t part of our most important categories.

Make Room For Amazing


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Live an amazing life with Dr. Cori Cooper

Let me paint you a picture. You have a large six-figure salary, you travel the world often first class, and dine in the finest restaurants on your corporate card. You stay in luxurious hotels and take frequent vacations. Now add this to the pretty amazing life we just described…You work about 12 hours a day, catch 6 AM flights every week to spend the day in meetings only to later have a dinner meeting. And sometimes the people you meet with don’t even really want to meet, but they do out of a sense of obligation.

Having An Amazing Life Isn’t Enough…


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