See Things Differently

by | Nov 4, 2018

We so often look outside of ourselves to determine how we feel about our current situation. We compare ourselves to friends, colleagues, people on social media as a way of measuring our success. Other people are not the benchmark. You are. It is only when we look inward that we can truly reflect on our success. Only we know the path we traveled, therefore, we cannot look externally for validation because it’s a limited perspective. It’s the version of you, you want the world to see. I challenge you tonight to see things differently and turn your focus inward. Here are the journal questions we are focusing on tonight:

  • What did life look like a year ago?
  • What does it look like today? Better, not better, or about the same?
  • Is there anything I see differently today compared to days past?
  • Am I happy with where I am today?
  • If yes, how can I reach past my potential over the next year?
  • If no, why am I not happy; what would I change?
  • What am I grateful for?

Chat soon,

Dr. Cori

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