Making 6 Figures and Still Feel Out of Alignment?

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Blog, lifestyle

Have you ever really wanted something and didn’t get it?  And not just wanted it, but worked really hard to prove you could do it, going way above what you were technically “required” to do?

I have. I went well above the call of duty too.

I worked my ass off at my job to prove I could do this one thing and based on my evaluations each year, I was pretty convinced I had convinced them I could do it too.  But then it came time to show just how “convincing” I was. I applied for a position I had essentially been doing for the past year and didn’t get the job.  Oh they were real polite about it, but nonetheless, I didn’t get the job.  Then as the announcements of who actually did get the job started to roll out, I was even more confused. I cursed them and complained to anyone in my family who would listen. I thought screw this, I need to find another job…

So I did what any good health coach would do, I grabbed a bottle of Kombucha and went in my office to vent.  After a few minutes of mindless ranting, I sat quietly in the middle of the room and just appreciated the silence.

And then it happened. I realized it wasn’t them.  It was me. I was forcing something deep down I didn’t really want.

I didn’t want to go deeper in responsibility, I didn’t want to go deeper in the business, and I didn’t even want to go deeper in my 6 figure salary.  I actually wanted out….

I wanted out of the rat race, the daily grind, the travel, the politics, the “say this, don’t say that”.  And the truth is I have known this for a long time, but because of the salary, I stayed. I felt like I had to. What would my husband say, what would my family think and how the hell am I going to pay the bills?  Isn’t this what I worked for…Isn’t this what they call success?


See the real key to success is actually alignment.

When you are actually doing the things you want to do and living the life you want to live.  Where it’s not about the money, but a deeper passion and connection to whatever it is that juices you.

I’m hosting a webinar next week for women like me, women who feel trapped by their 6 figure salary.  Women who love their profession, but are no longer passionate about it.  Women who want a way out, but feel tied to the title and the salary because it takes care of their family. Women who worry that they might appear ungrateful for all the blessings the job and salary have afforded them.  There hasn’t been a venue for women like us to talk about this, so I’m creating one.  Let’s start the conversation with this webinar…

The webinar event has passed, but opt-in here for free recorded video training.

Talk soon,

Dr. Cori

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