It’s Okay To Call Yourself A Bitch

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Just in case the title didn’t clue you in, let this be your warning for explicit language so stop now if that makes you uncomfortable….


I was at a creative entrepreneur conference recently and we talked about how we talk to ourselves. That wasn’t the only thing we talked about so don’t wonder why we needed a whole conference for that. At any rate, people were sharing the words they use to encourage themselves to do something they’re procrastinating on or nervous about. And to be clear, yes I talk to myself and I talk to myself often. And if you don’t, you will know by the end of this blog post that it’s okay to talk to yourself and maybe even call yourself a bitch!


So funny thing…The one word that kept coming up across this large group of women was Bitch!  Now I don’t curse often, but sometimes it seems to be a good fit. And I have to admit, bitch is a word I never use unless I’m referring to something someone called me. Yes honey, I have been called a bitch, but that’s a whole other blog post. We’ll save that one for a Friday night with a glass of wine, or maybe the bottle….


Back to all the “bitches” in the room.

Bitch is normally used as a derogatory word toward women. And yet in a room full of successful entrepreneurs, they used it on a regular basis to pump themselves up, bust through fear, and even make important business decisions. Does that sound right to you? Is it possible that we could take something that someone else meant for bad and turn it into something positive?  Do you see where I’m going with this…


Isn’t it funny how we can decide to take a derogatory curse word, like bitch, and turn it around to empower and encourage us?

This doesn’t stop with words though.  What else in your life can you turn around from negative to positive?


That job that is frustrating you might be one. Can you stop and be thankful for what that job provides for your family or maybe the skills you’ve gained or network you have created? That may seem impossible to do, believe me, I have those days too, but the first step to having the job, business, or life you love is appreciating the one you currently have.


Do you talk to yourself?  Do you speak with encouragement or bash yourself for being less than perfect?

You can’t expect other people to value you if you don’t value yourself.  You can’t expect other people to encourage you if you don’t encourage yourself.  Unfortunately, you’re not guaranteed support, so you might have to be your own cheerleader initially. And if that means you have to call yourself a bitch, then so be it!


If you are struggling to think when calling yourself a bitch is appropriate, I’ve got you covered.  Here are examples of times you should have called yourself a bitch:


Your boss says you won’t be a good manager.

Yas bitch! I’m not a good manager because I’m a good business owner. Stop working for somebody else and waiting for them to validate you.


Someone sends you an email calling you a horrible health coach after reading your blog post about it being okay to eat bananas and dates. (This really happened to me…)

Yas bitch! If I got a bad comment on my blog post, one, somebody’s reading it and two, it touched them enough for them to comment. That’s impact baby!


You need to be certified to start a business as a graphic designer.

Yas bitch! I could totally be a graphic designer without taking that certification course, I’ll just call myself a graphic designer and do the damn thing!


Are convinced yet that it’s okay to call yourself a bitch?  I’m curious….Send me an email and let me know!

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Talk soon,

Dr. Cori

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