How To Leverage Being Told You’re Not A Good Manager…

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I recently took a leadership evaluation at work to determine if I would be a good manager.  Turns out I’m not, but that’s ok because I’m a business owner. Boom! But seriously, how are you supposed to leverage that?

The evaluation taught me a great deal about myself even though the result might be viewed as a negative one by some. It taught me how certain aspects of my personality are perceived by the outside world.

See I’m actually an introvert by nature, which is weird because my job is to network and talk to people. Not to mention that I run two businesses on the internet. But if you know me well, you know that I really prefer a quiet evening at home with a glass of wine writing or lost in my thoughts. I think a lot, almost too much sometimes because it can paralyze me from taking action.  

Can you relate to that? Not taking action on something because you’re thinking and planning too much?

I did that with my program Workaholic Uprising™.  I should have launched it awhile ago, but I kept wanting to make sure it was perfect and so I would look at the content over and over again.  So much so that I didn’t release it at the time I originally planned.  I have now of course released myself from this external pressure to prove and prelaunched the program in preparation for it’s release in January.  The prelaunch allows me to offer the program at a lower cost for women and today is the last day.  So if you want in, take advantage now.  Go here to purchase and come back to the blog.  I’ll be here….

A lot of women share with me that they too are introverts and some of those women are thriving online business owners. That tells me there must be a way to leverage being an introvert both in my current employer and in my businesses. We sometimes look at these scales and the results and just say “oh well, I am an introvert so I guess won’t ever be a manager” or “oh well, no one will pay me for that thing I’m most passion about so let me just continue to work the job that I know.”  

I literally hear it all that time, that we let standardized scales or other people dictate what we can and cannot be.  You can leverage your personality, your dreams, your circumstances, your leadership style to serve you and help many people along the way.

Here are some examples of ways to leverage being an introvert.

  1. Introverts are usually very introspective.  Being introspective and aware of of your own emotional state allows you to have a stable mood.  Your colleagues or teammates around you will appreciate that stable mood.
  2. Introverts usually have great awareness.  This again allows for great control and patience.  You can keep negative emotions under control and remain composed even under the most stressful circumstances.
  3. Introverts tend to be diplomatic and effective communicators.  We often speak to others how we want to be spoken to and may even seem charming to our teammates. We can even use emotional appeal to effectively make our point.

These all sound like great attributes to me, so don’t let some scale tell you otherwise.  That’s the biggest take home message for today; do not let some arbitrary scale or someone else tell you what you can and cannot do. One of the reasons I created Workaholic Uprising™ was to help women achieve their full potential and not be stifled by external expectations. If that resonates with you, I invite you again to join the program today for the prelaunch price.  And if you’re still unsure about it being for you, I did a FAQ webinar that you can find on my Facebook page here or gain access to my members only webinar library and you’ll find it there too.


Talk soon,

Dr. Cori

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