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And I help you use food and plant-based supplements to balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and restore gut health so you can get off the prescriptions and get on with your LIFE!

I'm Dr. Cori...
pharmacist turned Health coach

hey mama!

It's finally time to get to the root cause of your overwhelm and exhaustion and actually do something about it!

Your health is a B.I.G deal!  This may come as a surprise, but your health is not just determined by the food you put in your mouth. Your health is directly tied to your life choices.  And that's the real reason you're stressed, bloated, and struggling with your weight!  Your doctor may tell you what not to eat, but I'm here to tell you how to live your life without being in fear of food.  I'll show you how to be healthy and happy without all the sacrifice.  Join the 5-Day Blood Sugar Bootcamp to learn how tracking your blood sugar impacts your energy, your weight, and your risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

5-day blood sugar bootcamp

yes please!

I'm all about quick wins!  And this checklist offers you exactly that.  You need to know right now, if the stuff you're experiencing everyday is just because you are overworked and overwhelmed or if something else is going on.  In 30 seconds or less, you will know if it's time for a nap or if you need to make an appointment.  I even tell you what labs to get and a way to connect with me so I can review your checklist results.  All for free!

Is it Exhaustion or Something Else?

but before you scroll any furtheR, I have a little something for you...

TEEna H.

“Working with Dr. Cori changed my health forever. i got off my diabetes medicine and lost 20 pounds!”


I'm Dr. Cori, Your  coach + New bff!

I'm a pharmacist, certified diabetes care and education specialist,  Life Coach, Master Certified Nutrition Coach, and the creator of Do Diabetes Differently®.
I inspire busy women to let go of the overwhelm, the overwork, and the underself (yes, I made up that word!). I teach women to stop being so preoccupied with just food restriction and finally stop sacrificing their health.  It's time to stop constantly thinking about food and do something different.

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hey there!

my simple checklist for busy women and the 3 health numbers you absolutely need to know!

Get my simple checklist to help you know when to see your doctor and exactly what three (3) tests you need to get, delivered to your inbox for free! 

 Is it Exhaustion or Something Else?