Get your life back

Conquer overwhelm and define a new you

For women with big jobs (and dwindling sanity)

You had me at “get your life back”…

Where do I sign up?

It was only a short time ago that you had it all figured out. Quickly advancing at work, jet-setting across the world, and still acting like a newlywed with your husband. Doing yoga every day, feeding your body well, and getting in regular vacations.

But then something happened… You had a child, your salary increased but so did your expenses, you’re trying to build a business, but spending more than you’re making, you’ve gained weight, your health isn’t what it used to be, you’re struggling to get pregnant, you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes and now you’re thinking about medication…

Now I know you’ve been working damn hard, you’re cool with more hard work, and you’re committed to creating real change in your life, but oh, what you wouldn’t give for a quiet night on the patio with your favorite Cabernet.

That crazy corporate schedule and airline platinum status you used to love now just annoys you. When you’re away, you miss your child, and when you’re home you feel pressure to have dinner ready when your husband gets home, do the laundry, and even keep tabs on his schedule. Newlywed status fading…

Sometimes you wish you could turn in the fancy job for some well-deserved sanity. But the truth is, you need your six-figure salary to just maintain the house, the cars, the clothes, the status…

You’re scrambling to meet expectations, and losing yourself along the way.

Introducing VIP voxer day

Convenient, Private, 1:1 Coaching.


Like a hamster on a wheel, you’re caught in a loop. This happens to women all the time.

It seems like everything we do isn’t good enough – we aren’t good enough. So we work harder, striving to overachieve. Our overachievement, however, isn’t sustainable and leads to exhaustion and, later, underperformance. Underperforming makes us feel stressed and anxious so we go back to thinking we’re not good enough, and the cycle just continues…

In my new VIP Voxer Day, we’ll undermine this vicious cycle so you can take control of your mindset, your health, and your career. You’ll develop new decision-making skills that will put you back in the driver’s seat of your life and help you get what you really want.

Start saying “no” and “yes” on your terms.

Every woman is unique and will get different things out of VIP Voxer Day. After all, this is all about listening to yourself instead of the noise all around you. But the tools you learn in VIP Voxer Day can help you do things like:


Start saying no to projects that don’t interest you and tasks that don’t need your attention.  We’ll get your list prioritized and stop letting other people run your life.


Decide whether you really need more training or already have the skills you need to pursue your dreams.  I’ll give you a realistic plan to implement right away.


Find the confidence to ask for what you want instead of waiting for someone to hand it to you.  Not exactly sure what you want? Let’s figure it out! 


Gain clarity around your career goals or finally start that new business. We will create a step-by-step plan to make it happen now, not later.

Finally prioritize your own needs instead of letting other people run your life

Create a clear plan to build a personal and professional life that’s more aligned with your values and priorities.


Let’s talk numbers!  Review general health guidelines and create a realistic plan to address them.


Let go of the idea that only perfection = success, and celebrate your actual accomplishments. I’ll celebrate you all day and tell you how to maximize them!


Explore business models that will make you money and meet your goals.

Here’s how VIP Voxer Day works:

Days run 9 AM – 8 PM EST.  You’ll get hours of my time no matter where you live.

Keep your messages succint(ish).  You can use either text or voice messages.  I will likely respond with a mixture of both. It may be a little back and forth, but it’s okay because we have all day together.

We can chat about anything.  See the list above for ideas!

My story: how I redefined life on my terms

I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist. Always showing up a certain way and striving to be the best. I realized at the root of all of this striving and perfectionism, it was really me trying to prove to myself and others that I was enough.

Enough for the promotion, enough for the fancy job title, enough for my husband, enough to meet the long list of expectations coming from everywhere else but me…

I found myself in a job where I worked hard, with 80-hour weeks made up of long nights, late flights, and working on weekends. I always said yes, desperate to prove the value I brought to my team and the company. I didn’t realize I was putting the people and things that truly mattered to me last on my to-do list.

I realized I needed to reclaim my life, set boundaries, and learn to say no so I could honor myself and what mattered most to me.

So I could show up at my best in my work, and live a life where I am not only surviving but thriving.

VIP Voxer Day is designed to help you do the same.  VIP Voxer Day is your time to take action toward the life you truly want, the life you are searching for that seems just out of reach.

Are you ready to finally get your life back?

Yes, I’m in!



My attention on your business or health-related issue for 11 hours at a fraction of what I charge for an hourly consultation. This alone, makes this offer a total steal! But there’s still more…


Actually implement throughout the day!  Implementation is so hard to do!  That’s where everyone gets stuck.  When you do a live call, once we get off the phone you have to implement on your own.  With VIP Voxer Day, I am guiding you as you implement throughout the day!


Tutorial on how to use Voxer.  I don’t want you to get caught up in the tech stuff and waste time, so I’ll get you all set up.  No worries though, Voxer is an easy, free app for your mobile phone.

Free Slack community so we can stay in touch! I never like to leave people hanging so join my community online, hang out with some pretty cool people, and have a whole tribe to support your business and your health!

I’m so ready to finally start living again…

Let’s do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voxer?

Ha, ha!  It’s an app on your phone!  No worries, I have a tutorial for you.

What if I need to reschedule?

I know schedules change, so no worries.  Just go into your appointment reminder or VIP Voxer Day confirmation and reschedule to another day that is more convenient for you.  If our availability doesn’t align, just email me and we’ll work something out.

How much is the investment?

Only $500!  You get hours of my time for a fraction of the cost!

Do I get a discount for booking multiple days?

The VIP Voxer Day is already significantly discounted for multiple hours of my time.  So although I love discounts too, not for this one.  Appreciate you understanding that.

Is there a lot of availability for these appointments?

Unfortunately, no.  I only offer VIP Voxer Day on Saturdays for a limited number of spots to ensure you will have my full attention.  And everything limited tends to fill up fast.

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