Is this you?


Diabetes uncontrolled


Blood sugar numbers still too high, but you’re doing all the things


Tired of the negative pregnancy tests


Weight going in the wrong direction


Too many medications, not enough results


Whether you get sleep or not, you still don’t have any energy…

If any of the above sound like you,
I think it’s time we talk…

As women, we’re under an immense about of pressure to be perfect. To be all things to all people. To be a good wife, a good mother, be good in our chosen career.

We compromise our health, our time, our dreams to be available to everyone else. And no matter what we do, it never seems to be enough. So we work even harder to achieve what other people deem important, neglecting what is actually most important to us. We suffer from weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and even infertility. And instead of loving ourselves when we need it most, we judge ourselves for not losing the weight, for not being able to handle the pressure, for being tired, and even for not being able to conceive.

On the surface, the weight, the anxiety, the depression, the fatigue, the infertility, all seem unrelated. We try diet after diet, medication after medication, and yet, nothing seems to work and year after year, we are left unhappy and unsatisfied with the person we’ve become.

We are unwilling to see the impact our lifestyle might be having on our health.
We instead look for a quick solution to only part of the problem.

We are unwilling to see the impact our lifestyle might be having on our health. We instead look for a quick solution to only part of the problem.

As a woman and a pharmacist specializing in type 2 diabetes, I have worked with countless women who mistake fatigue, weight gain, depression, and infertility to be a single problem easily fixed by medication and weight loss. Unfortunately, the symptoms don’t improve and women are left with new diagnoses and more feelings of frustration.

And then we’re told we have diabetes or are at risk for diabetes

You’re disappointed, you’re frustrated, and you’re not sure you can do all the things the doctor now says you have no choice but to do. You feel like since daddy had it, there is nothing more you could have done anyway. You were destined for this diagnosis.

86 million Americans have prediabetes


90% of people with prediabetes go undiagnosed

16 adults are diagnosed every 5 minutes

There were 234,000 diabetes-related deaths in 2010

Why Now Is The Time To Work With Me

As a woman and a pharmacist specializing in type 2 diabetes, I have worked with countless women who mistake fatigue, weight gain, depression, and infertility to be a single problem easily fixed by medication and weight loss. Unfortunately, the symptoms don’t improve and women are left with new diagnoses and more feelings of frustration.

My experience, training, and a lot of scientific evidence has taught me that the root cause of the chronic diseases women experience is caused by inflammation. Inflammation drives the weight, the fatigue, the pain, the infertility, and the type 2 diabetes.

The fact is, you don’t need another diet, you don’t need a different medication. 

Dr Cori Cooper Do Diabetes Differently

You need better habits, the right balance of macronutrition and micronutrition, and a guide who understands the relationship between food, inflammation, and the unique mental and physical health needs of busy women.

I’m Dr. Cori

Your health coach throughout the Do Diabetes Differently® Lifestyle Program.

I am a pharmacist, certified diabetes care and education specialist, registered yoga teacher, and an Integrative Nutrition and Nutritious Life Certified health coach.

In addition to my Doctor of Pharmacy degree, I have a degree in public health and disease prevention.

I have worked with women to treat and prevent type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases for over 17 years.

I combine my understanding of medications and the causes of disease with the ancient teachings of yoga, including Ayurveda and pranayama.

I have learned the strategies we are taught in Western medicine alone are not enough.

Western medicine strategies alone are restricted to the current problem and often neglect how our entire system, both the mental and physical, are interconnected. They target the immediate problem and offer an isolated solution.

This is exactly what I have been looking for!

Finally a program created especially for you… Your wait is over!

The Do Diabetes Differently® Lifestyle Program offers a holistic approach to creating a lifestyle rooted in better habits that are scientifically linked to decreased risks for type 2 diabetes, weight loss, and improvement in mood.

Better habits you can reach for instead of the bowl of ice cream, instead of that glass of wine, instead of that pink pill that helps you sleep. The road to better health is not about the next fad diet or the next prescription.

The road to better health is rooted in better habits.

Most programs help you improve diabetes by eliminating certain foods from your diet. Or by constantly reminding you that you need to work out. It works for a while, but then life happens again and you’re right back where you started; frustrated, tired, anxious, and overweight.

Not this program….

I’m ready to Do Diabetes Differently®

No other program offers this much comprehensive support for women with diabetes.

Welcome to Do Diabetes Differently®, an online group coaching lifestyle program that offers you a step-by-step, daily approach to finally achieving the blood sugar control and vibrant health you deserve.


Do Diabetes Differently® targets both the mental and physical aspects of health, the reasons behind the blood sugar imbalance, the weight gain, the stress, the diagnosis, the broken relationships, and the disappointed dreams.

I characterize the mental aspects of health in my concept framework called The Cycle of Proving© which we cover in detail throughout the Lifestyle Program.

I created this framework from my own experience and the experiences of the many women I have worked with over the last 17 years. Getting beyond this Cycle is key to women improving blood sugar, losing weight, preventing diabetes, decreasing the overwhelm, eliminating fatigue, and finding vibrant health once again.

Throughout my coaching, one thing always remained true, once women could identify the emotions keeping them from achieving their health goals, they could then identify how to overcome them.

Let me introduce you to The Cycle of Proving©.

There are 5 key elements we cover in the Cycle:

Element #1: Not Enough

This is where it all starts. This lack of “enoughness”. Constantly feeling like you have to do it all. Take on extra hours at work, sign up for that committee at your daughter’s school, prepare home-cooked meals each night, literally do it all…We then blame others, our spouses, our employer, our friends who appear to have it all together, for making us feel this pressure, but it’s not them. It’s us…

Element #2: Overachiever

Not having the confidence to know that we are enough drives us to overachieve. We overachieve by never saying no. We constantly say yes in hopes someone will notice all that we do and give us that much-needed reassurance of what a good job we’re doing. We just want someone to say, “good job”, to recognize how hard it is to be a woman, working full-time, a wife, and a mother… We constantly say yes looking for feelings of fulfillment in our external environment instead of doing an inward assessment for what we are truly craving.

Element #3: Exhaustion

Our inability to say no fosters a state of exhaustion. Sometimes we can stay here too long and experience anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, and in more severe cases, a nervous breakdown. Exhaustion is often precipitated by feelings of overwhelm, forgetfulness, and weight gain.

Element #4: Underperformance

Falling short of the perceived expectations set forth by others; not meal prepping, not losing the weight, not getting our blood sugar under control, not exercising, not finishing what we start, not feeling fulfilled, can create frustration and feelings of unproductivity. This perceived underperformance is fueled by exhaustion and continuous pressures to prove that we are enough.

Element #5: Judgment

We are our harshest critics. We perceive our inability to flawlessly handle the daily stressors of womanhood as a reflection of our value. And the fact that we aren’t at our ideal weight, are struggling with chronic disease like diabetes, are exhausted and overwhelmed all the time, and constantly unhappy, leaves us vulnerable to the opinions of others. Even though the Judgment element stands alone, we are constantly brought back to a place of judgment throughout The Cycle of Proving©.

While identifying the mental aspects of health are important, that alone is not enough. There are physical ways your health is affected as a woman. You have to deal with both to get the results you want. Again, most programs only tackle one or the other.


Do Diabetes Differently® is not most programs.

That’s exactly how I feel!

Finally a program created especially for you! The wait is over…

You will get the results you want if you deal with both the mental and physical aspects of health.

You will get the results you want if you deal with both the mental and physical aspects of health. Unfortunately, having worked in the nutrition industry for many years now, I see people offering advice without sufficient training to do so. I watch their YouTube videos and listen to their podcasts and honestly, I’m worried.

I’m worried that women are leaving their health, their diabetes, their weight, their fertility, to people who in my opinion, have no idea what they’re doing, but have a platform and are willing to use it. I now realize it is actually selfish of me to let that continue.

I created Do Diabetes Differently® because I don’t want you to think it’s just weight. I don’t want you to think that because the dress now fits, you’ve got this under control, diabetes gone!

I want you to thrive regardless of your blood sugar number and to feel good knowing that you are taking care of you and the legacy you have created.
You are more than a number on the scale.

You deserve someone who invests in their health and is willing to show you how to do the same. You deserve a Doctor and a Certified Health Coach who has committed their career to helping women control chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and other forms of insulin resistance and experienced and overcome her own health challenges while creating the same for women worldwide.

You deserve Do Diabetes Differently®...

The time is now. Stop trying to do this alone. All the support you need is waiting here for you.

Introducing Your Program Content:


What is Diabetes Really?

Diabetes doesn’t happen overnight.  The reasons we struggle with overeating, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, chronic disease, and fatigue can often be tied back to unstable blood sugar. That means your risk for type 2 diabetes is increased if you are a busy working mom, a stressed stay-at-home mom, a woman in a high-demand corporate job, a woman entrepreneur, a woman of color, and the list goes on.  The first module lays the foundation for understanding how you got here so we can get there.


3 Ways to Improve Your Blood Sugar Without More Medications

You take your medications as your doctor prescribed, but for some reason, your diabetes isn’t getting any better.  Sure your numbers look okay, but you’re still not losing weight, you still have no energy and you generally just don’t feel well or like yourself. You can’t exactly put your finger on it, but you know something is missing. What you learn in this module can make all the difference.


3 Things You Had No Idea Were Making Your Diabetes Worse

These 3 things alone will not only change your diabetes, but your entire life!  Most health care providers only focus on what you eat, do you exercise, and do you take your medications.  Those are actually what I call secondary food.  That means they are ignoring your primary food!  We don’t do that in this course.  This module explains all about primary food and why it’s essential to doing diabetes differently.


The Do Diabetes Differently Lifestyle®

You’re ready to take everything you learned and put it into practice.  This is the lifestyle you have been longing for.  This is the lifestyle you wanted so badly.  Don’t let the day-to-day rob you of that opportunity.  You have what you need, you have the foundation, and now I’m going to bring it all home for you and make it easy!


Oh And The Bonuses!

This is the cherry on top!  4 bonuses are included within your program content on top of what you get in addition to this program!  You get The 50 Worst Foods for Diabetes, My Go-To Fast Food Lists for Women with Diabetes, How to Make Meditation and Breath Work Easy, and my 5 Day Self-Care Challenge!

Here’s What You Get As A Lifestyle Program Participant:


30 day supply of a high-quality plant-based multivitamin that contains Aloe Vera for maximum bioavailability and superior absorption.  The addition of the Aloe Vera also supports a reduction in the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and sleeplessness.


30 day supply of soluble fiber and chromium to support healthy glucose metabolism and promote good gut bacteria in a convenient health pack you can carry on the go.


30 day supply of a unique blend probiotic that specifically targets intestinal yeast and includes digestive enzymes to support optimal gut health and added vitamin C for immune health support.


30 day supply of a revolutionary probiotic formula with 8 clinically researched strains to reduce feelings of stress and tension, stabilize stress hormones, and promote relaxation.


30 day supply of a magnesium supplement designed to eliminate bad bacteria by encouraging your body’s natural cleansing process.  With the addition of vitamin C, your immune system will also get a boost!


30 day supply of a powerful greens superfood blend that is fermented to enhance antioxidant and nutrient capacity while also supporting gut health and reducing damage to your precious cells by toxins in our environment.


3 Modules of core program content based on Dr. Cori’s framework that targets blood sugar balance, improves gut health to promote healthy glucose metabolism while reducing all the stress and sacrifice.


BONUS interviews with women experts and access to TWO bonus courses:  Immunity Kickstart and the Care Matters Diabetes Prevention Program!


21-day Recipe ebook + shopping lists that you can use as a guide or follow them exactly until you learn to duplicate the low-glycemic eating method on your own.


Lifetime access to all Do Diabetes Differently® online content and resources. You can repeat the program as many times as you like!


Video-based virtual coaching calls with Dr. Cori where you have an opportunity to ask her questions and get live coaching.


The entire downloadable copy of Dr. Cori’s Workaholic Uprising Journal available on Amazon for purchase.


1 Water Bottle to stay healthy and hydrated on the go!


A beautifully designed gut health booklet to explain how supplementation can support your overall health.


A simple daily food log to keep track of what you’re eating at each meal and track your supplements.  Use it to plan out your week in advance or track your meals daily! Whichever works for you!


Private member community (not on Facebook, yay!) where you can connect with fellow members, watch Dr. Cori teach and coach live, and even chat with her live!


Online tracking tool for daily habits (i.e.) yoga, meditation or pranayama, vitamin intake, weekly fasting blood sugar, weight, and duration of physical activity. Tracking record can even be printed and taken to your primary physician to support your new lifestyle changes.

All for only $249

Join Do Diabetes Differently® for continuous support from myself and a community of women just like you who are tired of feeling frustrated by their diagnosis and betrayed by their bodies.

Who Should Join?

You! Seriously though, YOU!

This program is for women who are tired of being confused about their health and want more than an empty promise. Women who know they can control their blood sugar in a way that feels easy and actually reduces stress.

Women who want more than just a “coach” with a big social media platform.

Women who want to know they are working with someone that has both the training, experience, and expertise to support the work that they do.

I’ve made this easy. All you have to do is say yes and click here. Done.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the next program begin?

Do Diabetes Differently® can be done on your own or as part of a group.  Even if you choose to do the program on your own, you still have access to all group coaching calls.

What is the program format?

The group coaching program is entirely online and can be done at your own pace.  The content is released as you complete each module. You will also have access to live coaching calls with Dr. Cori via Zoom video conferencing. All calls will be recorded and made available to you via the member site. Once in the private members’ area, you can also access tracking tools for daily habits, weight, and physical activity, as well as yoga, and guided meditations.

How is Do Diabetes Differently® with Dr. Cori different from other programs?

The Do Diabetes Differently® Lifestyle Program with Dr. Cori Cooper is a system for women that brings together both eastern and western medicine strategies to combat chronic disease. Most programs only address one or the other.

In addition, I also use accountability to keep you committed to the goals we set. You have access to online trackers to support you in staying committed to your new lifestyle and opportunities to connect with me for questions along the way!

It can be hard to commit to new habits, so tools that support accountability are essential, and other programs for women with diabetes just aren’t offering those resources and live coaching access with a certified diabetes care and education specialist. And on top of that, you are getting access to a board-certified pharmacist, certified health coach, and yoga instructor! I also have advanced certifications in hormone health, gut health, and emotional eating. I am actually very qualified to teach what I am teaching you and so many online programs just don’t have that anymore.

Who is this program for?

Women who know their lifestyle is preventing them from living a healthier life. Women with diabetes or caring for someone with diabetes. Women struggling with weight gain or difficulty losing weight, struggling with symptoms of fatigue, overwhelm, and forgetfulness, and women who know they could be doing better in some aspects of their health. Women who have been told they have prediabetes and don’t want to go down the same path as the other women in their family. Women who don’t think the annual visit to their physician is enough or are maybe frustrated by frequent physician visits with no results. Women looking for a community of other women to connect with, or simply women who are tired of feeling like what they do is never enough.

Because this program combines both eastern and western medicine strategies, there are a broad range of women who can benefit from the Do Diabetes Differently® Lifestyle Program.

*If you’re not sure if you have prediabetes, take the Prediabetes Screening Quiz and get your personalized results. You can take the quiz by clicking right here.

Do I have to have diabetes to participate?

Absolutely not! My goal is to not only help women manage type 2 diabetes, but also prevent it!  In fact, the concepts taught in this program are designed to promote optimal health whether you have diabetes or not!  If you do have type 2 diabetes though, this program is a beneficial addition to your current regimen.

What is the investment?

Your investment is only $249 for lifetime access to the private, members-only website, including all the updated content whether you choose to stay on all the products or not! Although I’m pretty sure you will want to continue your new healthy lifestyle.

Monthly costs following your initial investment can vary depending on the products selected, although continued product purchase is not required.

*Depending on the sales and shipping rates in your area, your actual program cost may vary by $10 – $20. 

What is the time commitment?
On average, you’ll spend about 30-60 minutes listening to content or watching videos, reading handouts, and completing the daily content. No worries if life gets in the way though, you have lifetime access to the program! The flexibility of having the program online is perfect for learning a ton while keeping it easy to digest the information and still fitting easily into your busy life.
Will there be one on one time with Dr. Cori?
There is not specifically one on one time with Dr. Cori. She will be available to all members of the group program during live coaching calls.
Will I receive medical advice or counseling on my prescription medications or health conditions?
Dr. Cori is available to answer general questions discussed during the live coaching calls. For specific questions that are unique to your health conditions and your medications, please contact your primary health care provider.
Can men join?
Absolutely! The more, the merrier! It can be a great program for couples to do together. Create more time for your health AND your significant other.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This program is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Want to Become a Do Diabetes Differently® Lifestyle Program Coach?

You deserve Do Diabetes Differently®

About Dr. Cori

Dr. Cori Cooper is a pharmacist, diabetes care and education specialist, Integrative Nutrition and Nutritious Life Certified Health Coach, and Founder and Creative Director of Prescriptive Nutrition, LLC, Do Diabetes Differently®, and Better Living International. She is also a registered yoga teacher and public health expert, with an emphasis in health and behavior change.

For 17+ years, Dr. Cori has practiced pharmacy specializing in chronic disease prevention and management. With a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Master of Public Health degree, she has extensive experience across diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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