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Do you sometimes feel like you always have to have it all together?  Mom, working full time, have dinner ready at 6 PM every night, and a healthy dinner at that, workout, do the laundry, and maybe even still manage to get your hair and nails done?  Maybe you even feel guilty because you are constantly ordering takeout and you let the iPad babysit the kids more often than you’d like to admit to. I know how you feel… I created this journal because I and the other women I work with felt the same.  We work full time earning the primary household income, care for our kids every need, and still manage to care for the “home”.  We are always proving that we can do it all and under the constant pressure to say yes.  What about you though?  When do you get to pursue your dreams and do what you want instead of what you are supposed to do?

In Workaholic Uprising The Journal you can do the following:


Learn my framework, The Cycle of Proving, to calm your mind and create space for the things you want


Manage challenging situations with simple journal prompts or when you just need a mental refresh


Use specific questions to guide your decisions so that they are in alignment with a life you can be inspired by

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Workaholic Uprising The Journal is perfect for women who want help to clear their thoughts to prevent daily overwhelm. Use this tool to gain clarity and improve your mental health through the practice of journaling.

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